My Bad Beats
My Nice Hands

Of course I also got pleased with nice hands from pokerstars. Here are some of them. If you got beaten by one, than I have just 2 word for you........SUCK IT. ;) Or you can call it justice.

The player didn´t care about the reraise after the river and so I just had to take his chips for the win.

He just checked all the time. And on the end he tried to steal. Bad timing!

The other player was the dealer. He pushed very sick all the time. On the turn I though about folding because 9 as a kicker is a joke. But I called again and won.

The opponent went on my nervs all the time with stupid all ins all the time. I waited a long time and than got him. Later I won it all.

This screenshot was taken too late. The other player has left the table before i could take the screenshot. He bet from the flop to the end so hard, that i allmost believed a king, but guess what, he just had 2 3 of diamonds.


My favorite one. The other player pushed all in after the river to steal the pot. I had to laugh. I think he will never ever do that again with a fullhouse on the board.