My Bad Beats
My Nice Hands

Bad beats after pushing all in Preflop!

What can destroy AA better than building up a straight? Thx jokerstars. It happens unreal often.

Pushing all in preflop with KK on the edge isn´t a good move.

Without words. You will see it more than once again here, that losing with KK is a very often scenario. Do even don´t imagine how often.

Here you can see that folding AA preflop is no donkey move? Maybe I should think about it when 2 players in front of me raising all in preflop. Is there anybody who had not called?

The other guy had a nice rush with 5 hands show AA, KK, AK, QQ and AQ. I was the smallstake and the other guy bet me all in. I wrote what I have and than called. After the flop I was finished.

Without words.

When I saw the flop I knew that I´m going to lose. Flushes are the most drawing hand on pokerstars. You are looking for explanations why so much morons calling with suited baby aces?

To secure my position and don´t become the smallstake, I reraised him and got beaten on the river. You will see, that folding QJ ist a joke. You have to call everything with it.

KK is also overrated.

Here you see a reason for calling everything with AK is a nobrainer.

Like I said before. Calling with a crap Ace is a nobrainer and also a winning garanty.

When the flop was done, I anticipated his flush. Nostradamus must get scared of me.

Have you ever folded QJ? Donkey. Yes? Are you sure? You´re a moron.

Bad beats after pushing all in after the flop!

Hit the set in the flop and the other player pushing all in puts a smile on every players face. But thats not enough in a lot of times at jokerstars.

The fish called my preflop raise. After I checked the flop he went all in, so I could easily call. And thanks to jokerstars he won with the straight. Did you expected anything different?

You will see it very often, that donkey are calling or raising just with a flushdraw. But thats a smart move, because it seems that there is a bug in the system because you will see a flush unreal often.

Both players had nice hands at this stage. But I lost because my 3 of a kind 9 got killed by a full house Aces and 9s. The river can be very cruel.

He made everything all right. Or how can you explain it that damn calling from him?

A nobrainer that he hit 2 pair.

Bad beats after pushing all in after the turn!

The other player just called on the button, and as the big blind i just checked the crap. After both players checked after the flop, i decided to go all in on the Turn. As I thought his straight draw got all going and me leaving the table with the King on the river.

I have never seen so much flushcaller than on pokerstars. And of course they hit so often.

I lost a nice port with AQ vs AK so I just had 80 chips left. I started a nice comeback to about 500 chips untill this hand. I normaly don´t play with this crap. But it shows that some donkeys are calling after the Turn with nothing, and than the river helps. Or does anybody fold AK with no draw and no hit on the Turn after the other player pushed all in?