My Bad Beats
My Nice Hands

last Update november 8th 2007

Hello, nice that you found this little piece of crap in the internet universe.

Who don´t know the feeling of getting cheated during playing online poker games? Here you can find some of my worst bad beats.

I think, meanwhile I´m a normal good player. Of course I learned the hard way like anybody else, but now I´m getting better every day. So I can predict a lot of opposing hands and what they have or their bets could mean.

But I also can predict the end when I see the flop in the showdown. And more than once I get bad feelings on Pokerstars.

Well, on the following sites you can find some of the hands that totaly sucked.  Enjoy it!

PS: Have you ever seen a ROYAL FLUSH? Take a look at the logo in the upper right corner.